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Building Connections through Data and Storytelling...

S3 | E11 | Kyle Nolan, Curry College
  • Richelle Hurley
    Mar 28, 2024 1:12:36 PM . 2 min read

DataU Live: Career Exploration from Orientation to the First Year Experience

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Season 3, Episode 2: Career Exploration from Orientation to the First Year Experience.

This session discussed how to support career exploration as students first arrive on campus. Student development theories support the concept that incorporating student success initiatives early in the students' journey lead to greater success throughout their college career. Dr. Bonne will incorporate his own research on first-year student success through the lens of graduate outcomes and career readiness. This conversation included topics such as Orientation, First Year Experience, and Transfer student success. Click here to download the presentation.


What is Steppingblocks for students?

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