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Building Connections through Data and Storytelling...

S3 | E11 | Kyle Nolan, Curry College
  • Richelle Hurley
    Mar 28, 2024 1:12:36 PM . 2 min read

Strengthening Employer Partnerships with Georgia Highlands College

S3  |  E8  | Clifton Puckett, Student Engagement Coordinator at Georgia Highlands College

Creating partnerships with external stakeholders provides many benefits for students as well as universities. With the job market becoming more and more competitive, it is imperative that universities build strong partnerships with top employers in order to support student success post graduation. Check out our conversation with Clifton Puckett, Student Engagement Coordinator at Georgia Highlands College.

Included in this conversation:

  • The importance of partnerships with external organizations (like the Georgia Highlands College partnership with Atrium Health).
  • Utilizing graduate outcomes data to set students up for success.
  • How data can be useful in a multitude of ways at a university.
  • How Georgia Highlands College have leveraged the graduate outcomes data from Steppingblocks, and plans they have for the future.

What is Steppingblocks for students?

Research your future career with real-world stats about your major, your interests, and your job title. Turn billions of data-points into actionable insights about your future with a few simple clicks. Watch the video to find out how.