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5 Highest Paying Jobs by Industry

Choosing a career path is stressful, because getting it right is so important. Getting it wrong could mean getting paid little for a job you're unhappy doing. The good news is college bound students have time to commit to the best college majors before committing to a career.

If a big paycheck and job satisfaction are synonymous to you, choosing a major early on is key. Many of the highest paying jobs require at least a bachelor's degree, so planning ahead is not optional unless you want to waste time and money switching college majors.


Want high pay and low stress? These jobs have both.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the highest paying jobs in the United States including STEM careers, medicine, marketing and more. So if money is your mantra, consider pursuing one of these top paying career paths offering job security, job satisfaction and a good salary. Love infographics? View the data here.


Median Annual Pay: $208,000+

Education: Doctoral or professional degree

An anesthesiologist salary is approximately $100 an hour or at least $208,000 per year. These doctors administer general and local anesthetic for a number of procedures, including major surgeries as well as less invasive treatments. The position requires a degree in medicine or osteopathy plus four years in residency.


Median Annual Pay: $208,000+

Education: Doctoral or professional degree

These dental specialists can expect to make at least $208,000+ per year. An orthodontist is a dentist specialized in strengthening teeth, most often by using braces. Since this condition affects so many adolescents as well as adults, the job offers security as well as financial stability. The position requires a D.D.S. or a D.M.D. degree plus a two- to four-year residency. Orthodontists must be licensed in their state.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Median Annual Pay: $135,800

Education: Bachelor's degree

These IT managers earn approximately $135,800 annually. Their jobs include planning, coordinating and managing corporate computer systems and related internet activity. They are also responsible for keeping production levels high by maintaining a smoothly running computer systems and employee software operation.

Architectural and Engineering Manager

Median Annual Pay: $134,730

Education: Bachelor's degree

Architectural and engineering managers make approximately $134,730 annually. These managers plan and coordinate tasks for architectural or engineering companies. They lead research and development for new projects in addition to solving technical problems with existing construction. A bachelor's degree and usually five years or more of work experience is required.

Marketing Manager

Median Annual Pay: $131,180

Education: Bachelor's degree

Marketing managers can expect to earn approximately $131,180 each year. Their job requires creating a variety of advertising and promotional campaigns in both print and digital media. They are responsible for driving the sales of products and/or services produced or distributed by their companies. Research and analysis of the market is necessary for determining trends and allocating budgets.

When considering college and career readiness, find what fits your personality, matches your desired skill set and meets the financial goals of your future. Don't neglect to consider the amount of training necessary for each position. Not everyone is willing to spend a decade in school to pursue a dream career. Others thrive on the challenge.


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