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How to Find Your Dream Job Online

Dream Job Online

If you've recently changed your status to job seeker, you have a reason to be optimistic. The November 2017 unemployment percentage was 4.1  continuing a long-running upward trend in employment. If you are graduating from college soon or simply need a career switch, you have a high chance of work-search success in 2018.

Finding the right job still takes effort. Many candidates fight for a few plum positions, so don't delay. Take advantage of every employment tool available, including online job search engines and personality tests based on personality types. Judicious use of the internet can help you find your dream job, so get there before your competition.


Is your resume trending? Here's what works in 2018.


Online Job Search and Personality Test Statistics

The statistics for online job searches are impressive. According to, 18,560,000 people are hired from online job postings each year. Approximately 4,000,000 jobs are posted online every month, and 120,000,000 U.S. resumes are currently posted online. Online job search sites have become a huge part of employer recruitment efforts.

So have personality tests. By learning to understand yourself you can better understand others and build a positive future based on connection and the ability to diagnose and solve conflict. This is critical in the job search. So far, 109,777,907 personality tests have been taken on View their map to see which personality types you're up against in your state.

Best Job Search & Personality Test Sites

According to the The Balance, you shouldn't limit your job search to just one or two job sites. But be discerning about where you invest your time. The best job search sites may offer more than meets the eye.

For a free personality test based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) try 16Personalities. The full, official MBTI assessment costs $49.95 and includes a downloadable report and additional tools, articles and tips. Take it here. For unique insights into your education and career path in addition to a personality test join Steppingblocks, and gain access to your digital career counselor.

Career Builder

CareerBuilder is national resource allowing you access to a multitude of job postings compiled from individual company sites by location, job category or date of posting. Through partnerships with 140 newspapers you can fine tune your job search on a hyperlocal level. Use the Explore Careers tool to compare lifetime wages, required skills and education levels across career paths. Get the mobile app on Android and iPhone.


Idealist is for job seekers looking for internships, volunteer opportunities and paid positions within the nonprofit sector. This site is designed to connect people and communities for the benefit of the greater good and allows users to browse by interest, organization type and area of foucs. 


Indeed offers millions of job listings compiled from thousands of sources. They comb through individual company sites, job boards and classified ads, so you don't have to. Upload a resume, and learn about current job trends at the same time. If you need something less traditional and more flexible, type "work from home jobs" in the search bar for a wide array of available positions from politics to pet sitting. Get the mobile app on Android and iPhone.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site with the ability to publish a searchable profile mirroring the contents of a resume. Employers can find you as easily as you can search for them, so be cautious with how you present your personal page  a professional photo, a good summary and a thorough history will only help you. It also doesn't hurt to partipate in discussions and engage with your feed as it will only make you more visisble to prospective companies and recruiters. Get the mobile app on Android and iPhone.

LinkedIn Mini Infographic (1).png


LinkUp works to narrow your job search by eliminating duplicate job postings and focusing on company websites who only post direct to their pages. The result is you'll find many jobs not advertised elsewhere and get linked to apply through the company website, not the job search engine. 


Monster is still around and continually working to improve their services. They were one of the first job search engines in the marketplace and have similar core functions to their competition. Where they innovate is with career tools and applications. BeKnown is a Facebook app allowing users to find professional connections and jobs inside of Facebook. Monster also offers robust career advice to help make you more marketable. Get the mobile app on Android and iPhone. has teamed up with the Direct Employers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies to provide job seekers over a million verified positions from employers across the U.S. They offer an additional job bank reserved exclusively for veterans.

Industry-Specific Job Search Sites

If you're searching for your dream job in a particular segment, an industry-specific site may be your best option. CareerTuners provides an impressive list of job search engines for various industries. They've compiled banking, real estate, engineering and more for a highly specialized look into your future job prospects.

Electrical Engineering







Hedge Fund Intelligence LLC


Hospitality Online Inc.

HVS Executive Search




Entry level




Almost every industry publishes at least one job board to funnel you to the source of your interests, skills and abilities. After all, they want the right fit as much as you do. 

Be Aware of Your Online Presence and Brand

While you can benefit greatly from using online sites to hunt for jobs, you should be aware employers frequently use online searches to judge you right back. 79 percent of employers search for employment applicants, and 35 percent discard your application if they dislike what they see.

To prevent unpleasant surprises, Google yourself to see what comes up. If you find negative information, take steps to improve your web reputation by following some DIY steps.

Keep your social media accounts private if you're going to post anything potentially offensive. 70 percent of employers look at your social media pages before deciding whether or not to hire you. If your employer asks for your password to a private account, check the laws in your state. Some have moved to make such a request illegal.

An online job search should be a major part of your overall employment strategy. Once you've prepared a top-notch resume, research a variety of job sites to learn which best fits your needs. Don't forget to use several industry-specific sites and include in-person networking opportunities to bolster your shot at the dream job. 


What is Steppingblocks?

Research your future career with real-world stats about your major, your interests, and your job title. Turn billions of data-points into actionable insights about your future with a few simple clicks. Watch the video to find out how.

What is Steppingblocks?

Research your future career with real-world stats about your major, your interests, and your job title. Turn billions of data-points into actionable insights about your future with a few simple clicks. Watch the video to find out how.

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