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Incorporating the Digital Career Counselor into Curriculum

The digital career counselor boasts many features that students can leverage around the clock, empowering them on their career paths, however, with the variety of capabilities that the platform offers, faculty, and staff are curious about how to incorporate the platform on campus to be sure that students are using it to its fullest potential. Enter the Steppingblocks team, who have devised six activities that equip university staff and faculty with a toolkit to seamlessly incorporate the digital career counselor across campus, ensuring it reaches students in the most effective way possible. 

Recognizing that every student is situated at a distinct point in their career path, it is important to consider the diverse range of students you may encounter, whether it be in a group or individual setting. With this in mind, the Steppingblocks team has crafted a collection of adaptable activities that can be tailored to your specific requirements, empowering you to equip your students with the Digital Career Counselor and offer them the necessary support they need to succeed. Click here to download the eBook. 


Student Typologies

Higher education professionals, in a multitude of roles, will interact with students who are at their own unique points in their career journeys, whether that is working with them one on one, or in group settings across campus. We understand that every student needs something different, based on where they are in their career journey. We have developed six student typologies and aligned those typologies with what parts of the Digital Career Counselor would be most beneficial to where students may be. To read more in-depth about the six typologies and how to leverage the digital career counselor in one on one advising appointments click here.

Classroom Activities

The Steppingblocks team developed 6 activities and lessons that can be downloaded and adapted to individual campus’ that can be incorporated in classrooms, workshops, and even in one on one conversations with students. The activities incorporate all of the aspects of the Digital Career Counselor platform, so you can pick and choose which activities and lessons will benefit your specific groups of students you are working with. Read below to get a snapshot of all of the activities utilizing Digital Career Counselor. 

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Feeds Page Utilization Activity

The purpose of this activity is to give students a chance to explore and learn how to leverage the Digital Career Counselor Feeds Page for their unique needs and interests. By the end of this activity students will be able to curate and align their feeds page with their own personal interests, they will get to explore and dive deeper into something they are interested in, and they will discover helpful information related to their interests. 

Compare and Contrast Personality Activity 

The purpose of this activity aims for students to explore their personality type and align it with career paths that may be suitable for their personality and interests. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify possible career paths, and will understand how they can use their personality type and the personality quiz feature of the Digital Career Counselor to support their career exploration. 

Outcomes Activity

The purpose of this activity is to support students in taking the first step to finding a job or internship by identifying top hiring companies, job categories and skills for their major. This will allow them to begin to play out their collegiate career to set them up for success for their own unique goals. 

Search 360: By Major Activity

The purpose of this activity is to support students in starting to think about the outcomes that their specific major could lead to. By the end of this lesson students will understand important education milestones attributed to their major, they will be able to explore different career outcomes, and will be able to identify important skills for their major. 

Search 360: By Career Activity

The purpose of this activity is to give students the chance to think about a career they are interested in, and start to think about their action plan to get there. Students will write SMART goals and will identify skills and milestones that they may need to reach their career goals. 

Job Board Activity

The purpose of this activity is for students who are further in their career journey to begin to explore possible job opportunities or job pathways that they can take when they graduate. By the end of this activity students will start to think about how to articulate and align their skills and experiences with a job posting and begin to plan what steps they can take to get a job they want post graduation. 


How are you supporting students’ career preparation? 

Click here to download the eBook. 

The earlier a student begins thinking about their interests and career goals, the less likely they are to switch majors or need to take (and pay for) extra semesters of schooling. Advisors, faculty, and staff can start helping students with this career exploration by using the Digital Career Counselor tool in one-on-one conversations, or by integrating the tool into their curricula.

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