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3 Ways to Target Alumni Like UNLV

Quick Read: 3 Ways to Target Alumni Like the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) knows that to build a lifetime community of alumni support, you need a rich analytics process in place. Vibrant fundraising campaigns are meaningless without reliable records and relevant messaging delivered to highly targeted prospects.

UNLV laid the groundwork for an advanced alumni engagement strategy with a refreshed alumni database enhanced by graduate outcomes data. Here's how they improved action and giving in three data-driven ways:

Use Case 1: UNLV Drove Alumni Event Attendance With Geographic Segmentation

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas opened a new location for their Graduate College and wanted to target all alumni from the college in the Metro Las Vegas area to attend the unveiling. UNLV used geographic data on their alumni to segment those specific prospects to drive engagement and a larger opening ceremony for the university. Here's the tool they used to help achieve their goals.

Use Case 2: UNLV Revealed Veteran Opportunity With an Alumni Analysis on Military Population

UNLV requested a veteran alumni analysis to better understand the composition of this community. The attributes uncovered include average age, average salary, gender breakdown, top employers, job titles, skills and location for this segment.

Potential applications for this type of alumni analyses include the development of veteran supported alumni affinity groups, strengthening veteran job placement programs for engaged employers and skills-based improvements for popular veteran degree-programs.

University of Nevada Las Vegas Veteran Analysis

Use Case 3: Search Match Analysis

Steppingblocks performed a constituent record Search Match analysis for UNLV resulting in strong strength scores across every attribute. Search Match allows universities to enrich their existing alumni database with current and detailed demographic data, geographic data, education outcomes, employment insights and more. Contact us to learn more.

University of Nevada Las Vegas Case Study With Steppingblocks Graduate Outcomes Data

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