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How to Build Meaningful Alumni Affinity Groups

It's 2020. We expect our inboxes to be personalized at every level. Not only should the sender know our name, they should know who our favorite sports...
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7 Netflix Shows for Homeschool Curriculum

Stream your homeschool curriculum — with Netflix. Dozens of shows are available anywhere, anytime and with a subscription you already pay for. Redefine movie night with programs you (and your homeschool students) will love from documentaries on our changing oceans to interactive series about science. Take a break from traditional homeschool curriculum, and start streaming this semester with top-rated shows. Knowing how to homeschool differently will keep your classroom fresh.


Eight educational YouTube channels your homeschooled teen will love.


1. Planet Earth

Subject: Science and Nature

Rated: TV-PG

Why you (and your kids) will love it: This BBC documentary series narrated by well-known naturalist David Attenborough takes viewers to dozens of natural wonders across 64 countries. Science, nature and geography lessons come together in this visually stunning and entertaining series invaluable to your online homeschool curriculum. 

2. Horizon: Secrets of the Solar System

Subject: Astronomy

Rated: TV-PG

Why you (and your kids) will love it: This series explains how our view of the solar system is changing based on dramatic discoveries and strange events occurring in space. Learn how advances in astronomy turn conventional wisdom into something far more dynamic. 

3. Ken Burns: The Civil War

Subject: History

Rated: TV-14

Why you (and your kids) will love it: Originally aired on PBS in 1990, this landmark mini-series unfolds infamous battles of the Civil War with unprecedented emotion and relevancy making it arguably the most successful program of the network's history. Letters, interviews and music from this period depict the personal stories of soldiers and officers inside the larger context of war. 

4. Bill Nye, the Science Guy

Subject: Science

Rated: TV-Y

Why you (and your kids) will love it: Bill Nye's classic series is back. Share the eccentric science action, experiment and humor you loved as a kid with your own homeschool classroom. His series, which originally ran from 1993-1998, entertains viewers with fast-paced segments, interactive experiments and parody music videos while teaching basic scientific concepts.

5. Living on One Dollar

Subject: Social Studies

Rated: TV-PG

Why you (and your kids) will love it: This award-winning film documents the journey of four friends as they live on one dollar a day for two months in the Guatemalan countryside. This challenge forces young audiences to understand the hardship of poverty and the importance of crossing boundaries to help others.

6. The Wheelchair President

Subject: History

Rated: TV-PG

Why you (and your kids) will love it: This documentary sheds light on Franklin D. Roosevelt and how his failing health and marriage affected his presidency during WWII. Shake up your homeschool curriculum with a new vantage on our 32nd president. 

7. Afghanistan: The Great Game

Subject: Social Studies

Rated: TV-PG

Why you (and your kids) will love it: Politician and filmmaker, Rory Stewart, explores how the Taliban rose from a country devastated by a century of war. The British invasion of the 19th century set the stage for recent events that rocked the U.S. Help your homeschool students understand the facts.

When it comes to supplementing your homeschool curriculum with streaming content, Netflix makes it easy. Start with these shows, and Netflix will make suggestions on what to watch next. It's hours of quality screen time you can feel good about. Add it to your carschooling routine, make the most of sick days or pass out popcorn and pencils during class time for a break in traditional learning. 

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