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5 Reasons to Homeschool at Night

If your kids are in the 3 to 4 percent who receive their education at home, you know what it's like to stray from the norm. 2.3 million students, like yours, get the benefit of a personalized education from the most trusted source  you. But there's a reason they trust you. You spend all of your time planning and perfecting a custom curriculum, teaching it, then playing the parent role at the end of the day. And frankly, you're a little burned out. Homeschooling at night may be the solution. Here's why.


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Homeschooled Kids are Less Active at Night

Kids naturally have less energy later in the day. They're more likely to pay attention to instruction when they aren't day dreaming about riding their bike. In fact, studies have shown the average human learns better during the evening hours, despite being conditioned to do otherwise.

Keep Your Day Job by Homeschooling at Night

A common obstacle preventing parents from homeschooling is the fact they need to work during the day. For single-parents, the idea of having time to homeschool can seem next to impossible. However, homeschooling your kids at night gives you the freedom to maintain your career and the flexibility to educate your kids.

Form Homeschool Parent Teaching Teams

For parents interested in sharing homeschool responsibility, scheduling instruction at night is a good option. While one parent may have to work during the day, the other can manage housework, errands and planning. Tag-teaming homeschooling efforts could just mean splitting the course load. One parent teaches math and science, while the other teaches history and art. 

Homeschool Mentors and Tutors

One of the reasons you may have chosen to homeschool is the right to oversee your child's education. Tutoring and mentoring sessions often take place during the day. By homeschooling at night, these extracurriculars don't interfere with regular lesson plans.  

Multiple Children at Home

If you're homeschooling multiple kids of various ages and skill levels, time management becomes a real challenge. By rearranging your schedule to include evening hours, you can teach all of your children without compromising anyone's ability to keep up.

Homeschooling by nature gives you freedom. Use it to coordinate a classroom that best suits your family and lifestyle. Free up your day for field trips, sports and opportunity for additional income by homeschooling outside of conventional hours. 

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