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40 Worth-It College Student Discounts

College Discounts

Tacos are cheap. But college isn't. Stretch your financial aid with hand-picked deals and student discounts from burgers to books. You'll eat, shop, play and travel smarter. 

Why should you care? Because the average outstanding balance of student loan debt has grown over 62% in the last 10 years to $34,144. With this much at stake, don't add to future debt by overspending now. The long-term implications are staggering. So flash your student ID at select locations and save.


What else are they not telling you about college? Get the facts.


Food & Drink

Arby’s: They have the meats. And the discounts. Enjoy 10% off your next order.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Wings. Sports. Beer. And 10% off at B-Dubs.

Burger King: Discounts are hot (and flame-grilled). Get 10% off.

Chick-fil-a: Thirsty? Get a free small drink with purchase.

Chipotle: Still thirsty? Get a free small drink here, too.

Dairy Queen: Sweet deals up to 10% off. Varies by location.

Mcdonald’s: Supersize all day with 10% off.

Pizza Hut: Hand tossed deals up to 20% off. Varies by location.

Subway: The freshest deals are at Subway. Get 10% off.

Taco Bell: Holy guacamole. Yo quiero 10% off.

Waffle House: Breakfast (day or night) tastes better with 10% off. 

Movies & Entertainment

Ticketmaster: For the love of entertainment (and cheap tickets). Add at checkout when available.

AMC Theatres: Starring student discounts at select theaters every Thursday.

Cinemark Theatres: Your candy may cost $17, but movies are cheap. Varies by location.

Regal Cinemas: More movies. More discounts. Search by zip.

Redbox: Invite your roommate to a free movie night when you confirm your email address, plus get exclusive deals and discounts. 

Electronics & Software

Apple: Say hello to your future. Ask Apple about their exclusive education pricing.

Microsoft: Do anything with the perfect college companion. Save 10% on Surface, select accessories, select PCs and more.

Dell: Learn more. Do more. With deals from Dell University.

Adobe: The future is yours. Make it. Get 60% off all apps on the Creative Cloud.

Lenova: All the gear — for college, for less. Get instant savings.

Corel: Up to 96% off Education Edition software and licensing. 

Subscriptions & Memberships

Apple Music: Know what’s next. Now. For only $4.99/month.

Spotify + Hula: 2 apps. 1 price. $4.99/month for students.

Amazon Prime: It’s so much more than free shipping. See what your six-month trial includes.

Office 365: Get the grades. Get it for free. All you need is a student email address.

HBO Now: Discover your new favorite documentary for only $9.99/month.

Sam’s Club: Spend less and get more. Join Sam’s Club and get a $25 gift card.

New York Times: Plug in for as low as $1 per week.

The Wall Street Journal: Bring learning to life with print plus digital starting at just $15.

The Economist: Get the story behind the news at exclusive student rates.

Transportation & Insurance

GM College Discount Program: Juggle work, school and life with eligible Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles.

Allstate: Smart discounts for students 25 and under making good grades in school.

Geico: You are clearly a smarty pants. Full-time students with good grades could be eligible for up to 15% off.

Esurance: It pays to be part of the Pac-12. Get up to 15% off. Here’s why.

State Farm: Good grades + insurance discounts = more money for coffee.

Travelers: Got a B average or better? Try Travelers.

Greyhound: Travel. Shop. Save. Get 10% off Greyhound travel and 40% off shipping with the Student Advantage Discount Card.

StudentUniverse: If you’re on a mission to make global possible, this site has the hookup on flights, hostels, tours and more.

Your college education is the second largest expense you will carry in a lifetime. Reckless budgeting now leads to difficulties later. But there are ways to safeguard against this. College and career readiness means spending smart, saving often and sharing what you know. Send this link to your classmates, and you may get something valuable in return. 

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