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15 Best Jobs for Introverts in 2022

15 Best Jobs for Introverts in 2021

Before we get to our list of the 15 best jobs for introverts, it’s essential to understand what an introvert is. According to WebMD, introverts feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas instead of what’s going on externally. Introverts also enjoy spending time in small groups of one or two people rather than in large crowds.

So, what are the best jobs for introverts that highlight their strengths and interests? We ran an analysis on CrowdSegment to find out.

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Systems Engineer

Average salary: $85,216

Gender breakdown: 78% male and 22% female

Systems engineers handle all the systems that make an organization run. They design and manage solutions and communicate essential information to key people.

Human Resources Manager

Average salary: $105,750

Gender breakdown: 19% male and 81% female

Human resources managers are in charge of taking care of all things employee-related, from compensation analysis to benefits, insurance, employee policy enforcement, recruiting new staff and so forth. HR managers are often viewed as the link between a company’s management and its employees.

Software Developer

Average salary: $82,950

Gender breakdown: 65% male and 35% female

Software developers are responsible for designing and building software programs, developing upgrades, testing programs, maintaining applications and writing documentation to help users make the most of the apps they create.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Average Salary: $97,721

Gender breakdown: 74% male and 26% female

Cybersecurity engineers are tasked with designing secure systems to protect organizations against threats, breaches and hacks from cybercriminals.

What are the most searched majors in 2021?


Average salary: $94,900

Gender breakdown: 33% male and 67% female

Psychologists seek to comprehend and explain thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior. They use techniques like observation, experimentation and assessment to develop theories about the beliefs and feelings that influence people.

Web Developer

Average salary: $73,665

Gender breakdown: 65% male and 35% female

Web developers build and shape the visitor experience on websites by creating appealing page layouts through website styling, visual elements and interactive features.


Average salary: $50,791

Gender breakdown: 32% male and 68% female

Accountants help people and companies ensure their financial statements are accurate and comply with state and federal regulations.

Information Security Analyst 

Average salary: $81,181

Gender breakdown: 64% male and 36% female

Information security analysts design and implement IT security systems to protect business’ computer networks from cybercriminals.

X-Ray Technician

Average salary: $63,120 per year

Gender breakdown: 38% male and 62% female

Radiologic technologists, also called C-ray technicians, use diagnostic imaging devices to help healthcare providers identify injuries and illnesses. They do this by using X-ray equipment, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to perform X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and mammograms.


Average salary: $57,375

Gender breakdown: 39% male and 61% female

Writers bring stories, thoughts and facts to life with written words. This makes writing a perfect career choice for introverts who may feel uncomfortable verbally or physically presenting information to large groups of people. There are many different writing career paths, including content management, non-fiction, fiction, technica, and medical writing, to name a few.


Average salary: $55,240

Gender breakdown: 24% male and 76% female

Teachers instruct students in a wide range of subjects, from standard areas like science, math and social studies to other subjects, including art, foreign languages, technology and physical education.  

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Business Analyst

Average salary: $77,413

Gender breakdown: 39% male and 61% female

Business analysts help businesses improve their processes, services, products and software by gathering and organizing information about any issues that need to be solved and researching emerging technologies that can help fix issues. With that information, business analysts recommend and help implement new systems, processes and changes.

Social Worker

Average salary: $54,950

Gender breakdown: 28% male and 72% female

Social workers help people cope with difficult times in their lives. They help with a broad range of situations, including adoption, terminal illness, unemployment and other challenges that impact members of a community and the family dynamic.

Web Designer

Average salary: $58,870

Gender breakdown: 47% male and 53% female

Web designers plan, create and code websites and webpages. They use software to create custom websites to communicate ideas in an aesthetically appealing and easy-to-navigate way. 


Average salary: $44,630

Gender breakdown: 24% male and 76% female

Therapists, or mental health counselors, help their patients cope with emotional, mental and dependency disorders. Their clients may struggle with marital and family issues; anxiety and stress; or drug and alcohol addiction.

To find out more about your unique personality and which careers would be the best fit for you, we recommend taking a personality test. Click here for a free personality test for college students. Knowing your personality type is beneficial in choosing the right career path that will allow you to thrive naturally.

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